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Having first starred as Scaramanga’s mistress Andrea Anders in 1974’s The Man with the Golden Gun, Maud Adams returned to the franchise to play the title Bond girl in 1983’s Octopussy opposite Roger Moore once again.

And as is usual with 007 movies, the two leads had a love scene to film. Only this one took more than the wind out of the James Bond star.

A veteran of seven Bond movies, Sir Roger Moore would encourage his Bond girl co-stars to keep their feet warm for the often cold love scenes.

According to Daily Record, he said: “Those love scenes were usually done when the studios were freezing cold.

“So you’d say to the leading lady, ‘Keep your socks on, darling.’ And socks in bed are never romantic.”

In his 2012 autobiography Bond on Bond, the former 007 admitted: “There is certainly no romance in a love scene, save that for the dressing room, if you’re lucky. Far from being a romantic moment of intimacy, a film love scene is often witnessed by 50 or 60 crew members, many being hairy-a***d technicians in the rafters clenching fists and shouting, ‘Go on, Rog! Give her one for us!’

“It does rather put one off one’s stride. And if there’s mention on the call sheet of a love scene, or one of at least partial nudity, it always amazes me how the crew size swells.”

Upon his death at 89 in 2017, Sir Roger’s Bond girls paid tribute to the man they saw as the ultimate gentleman, full of wit and charm. Of course, one of them was Adams, who recounted how her co-star wasn’t a fan of shooting the love scenes.

Adams said at the time: “007 may have saved the world but it was Roger who saved the Bond franchise, giving it a sense of humour. Love scenes were never his favourite thing, so he’d always turn them into a joke. In Octopussy, I had a love scene where Roger spins me around.”

The Octopussy star added to Daily Mail: “Unfortunately my leg caught him in a sensitive region. It floored him and stopped production until he recovered. Roger always seemed baffled by the attention from fans, but he underestimated his talent.”

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