‘PET Pirates’ remove seven tonnes of rubbish from Hungarian lake


A decades-old clean-up competition has left Hungary’s largest artificial lake nearly rubbish-free.


More than seven tonnes of plastic waste was collected from Hungary’s Lake Tisza as part of a historic clean-up competition called the PET Cup.

The teams, referred to as PET Pirates, sailed on the artificial lake’s high seas in the country’s southeast with kayaks and makeshift boats to gather the waste.

The more plastic the pirates accumulated, the closer they inched to winning the coveted PET Cup.

The PET Cup started in 2013 with the aim of ridding Hungary’s most magnificent natural wonders from garbage. Although Lake Tisza is relatively rubbish-free, PET Pirates will captain a clean-up operation of the polluted Bodrog floodplain in August.

Watch the video in the player above to find out more.

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