Paris welcomes biggest Japan festival in Europe with Osaka as City of the Year


This year, Japan Expo will welcome 900 exhibitors including a booth promoting Osaka 2025 World Expo, which will be held in 2025.


One of the largest Japanese pop culture conventions in Europe, Japan Expo, opened its doors on Thursday in the French capital, Paris.

From the latest mangas to handcrafted souvenirs, it’s the place to be for fans of Japanese culture with more than 900 exhibitors present alone this year.

Osaka takes centre stage as the Japan Expo’s City of the Year which will also host the next World Expo in 2025.

The World Expo is one of the oldest and largest international events, held every five years since 1851.

It is a global platform for innovation and collaboration, hosting many countries from around the world.

The Osaka Expo will take place for six months, from April to October 2025. The theme for next year is all about designing a future society for our lives.

“Inside the pavilions, visitors can expect traditional food, culture, and technologies,” said Megumi Nakai, Chief of Global Communications for the Osaka 2025 Expo.

“There will also be the latest technologies like flying cars and AI translation systems. So, when people will go there, they will see what the future is going to look like,” she told Euronews.

At the Japan Expo in Paris, visitors have the chance to meet Myaku-Myaku, the official mascot of Osaka’s 2025 event.

The mysterious red and blue creature is “born from the unification of cells and water” and “takes its shape by imitating human beings”.

France’s 2025 pavilion will host immersive show

One of the highlights of World Expo 2025 is set to be France’s pavilion, promising visitors an immersive 20-minute journey.

“To all the visitors coming to the France pavilion, they will be able to enjoy an immersive experience thought out as a romantic stroll through France to discover French heritage and culture,” said Chloé Villanova, Head of Communications for France Pavilion at Osaka 2025 Expo.

“The visitors will also enjoy good French food. There will be a bakery and a French bistro,” she explained.

At the Japan Expo in Paris, visitors can preview featured works to be exhibited in France’s pavilion in Osaka next year. These include an impressive tapestry depicting a scene from the legendary animation film Princess Mononoke, highlighting our connection with nature.

It took craftsmen over one year to weave the tapestry that will be featured at the entrance of the Osaka World Expo.

The Japan Expo in Paris expects to welcome over 250,000 visitors this year, with the event running until Sunday evening.

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