‘Outdated’ hairstyle women 40+ should avoid – ’emphasises every sign of age in the face’


Looking after your hair is important. Internet users are sharing how they keep their hair hydrated in the winter and the oil techniques they use to strengthen their hair.

Haircuts don’t have age limits, and everyone should wear their hair how they like. However, it’s common for women over 40 to choose shoulder-length or shorter hairstyles, especially as hormone imbalances can affect hair texture, colour and growth.

If you wear your hair with a fringe and want to keep looking young, swap one style for another.

Avoid: Thick, blunt bangs

A thick, blunt fringe might seem edgy and bold, but Ghanima Abdullah, a hair expert and cosmetologist from The Right Hairstyles, warns it can make you look older as it draws attention to wrinkles, rather than framing your face or highlighting your cheekbones.

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Ghanima said thick, blunt fringes that sit below the eyebrows with an equally blunt hairstyle – long or short – can “emphasise every sign of age in the face”.

The sharp edge of the fringe doesn’t “frame the face well” and all the attention is pushed to the eye area and any crow’s feet or smile lines become the focal point.

Choose: Curtain bangs

If you want a fringe, consider curtain bangs as “they flatter just about any face at any age”. Curtain bangs also “neatly frame the face while drawing attention away from serious aging signs”.

The expert shared that curtain bangs can “specifically give a youthful appearance”, making them perfect for “mature women”. They also mentioned that these bangs can make the face appear “smaller and slimmer” when they end at cheek level.

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