Man leaves people in disbelief showing how to make money off furniture


We all dream of making a bit of extra cash now and then, but knowing where to start can often seem like an daunting task. However, one TikTok user is proving it’s not as bad as you might think, demonstrating how easy it can be to flip items for profit.

TikTok user @thelarsborn posted a “day in the life” video showcasing his so-called “furniture flipping”, explaining how he turns nearly £300 profit on items bought in containers, leaving viewers intrigued about how they could do the same.

Lars revealed that he expects to rake in around £275 from his furniture flipping activities that day, expressing his excitement at the prospect of turning a tidy profit.

The video shows him opening a purchased container to reveal a brown sofa, which he promptly loads into his van his full-time residence.

He then embarks on a 28-minute drive with the sofa, exclaiming, “Then we’re going to get the money, woo! ” Lars proudly displays the cash he earned from selling the sofa, advising viewers to “always go the extra mile” if they want to make a profit.

Viewers had questions for Lars in the comments section, with one asking: “How much did the container cost you? “, to which he responded, “£152 a month”.

Another individual left a rather unkind remark, writing: “Pictures must have done it justice looks done in.”

Lars retorted: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. The critic responded: “Only being honest fella”, yet another TikToker came to his aid, commenting: “Person wouldn’t have bought it if they thought it was no good would they? “.

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