Laundry mistake everyone makes that can ruin your clothes


It’s a well-known fact that clothes these days are not always as cheap as they used to be.

And while it’s definitley not a necessity to always fork out for the big brands, treating yourself now and then is always nice. 

The last thing we want to do is ruin our clothes by accident, and have to buy the same thing again.

While this can easily happen by accident, one common laundry step that many of us do could actually be causing more harm than good. 

Not only can it destroy your clothes, but your washing machine as well – which is a lot more expensive to replace than the odd piece of clothing. 

Consumer experts at Which? have urged people to start taking better care of their clothes in order to avoid extra spending, and also to minimise the impact on the planet. They’ve highlighted a couple of tips and tricks to follow, including one very popular washing mistake that plenty will be guilty of.

In order to keep your clothes in better condition for longer, it could be worth ditching your fabric conditioner. This can leave a residue on clothes that builds up over time and can be tricky to remove.

Using this can also make it more difficult for your laundry detergent to penetrate and actually clean your clothes. It can also make towels less effective at absorbing water, and it can irritate sensitive skin too.

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