How to get yellow out of pillowcases using household cleaning products


Over time your pillows may yellow due to body fluids and other environmental factors.

Thankfully, there are several tried and true methods to combat this yellowing using cleaning supplies you have stored away in your cupboard.

Faced with the same problem, a woman headed to social media to find out how she could fix the issue.

Taking to Reddit she said: “My husband’s pillow cases always turn yellow really quickly. He bathes and washes his face and hair daily, but he has very oily skin. I’ve tried soaking his pillow case in bleach but it still comes out stained. Any ideas about what I could do?”

One person wrote: “Have you tried powder Oxiclean? Let it sit in a tub with cold water and Oxiclean for a whole night then wash. It should help.”

Someone else chimed in: “Bleach can yellow a lot of stains rather than removing them. I would try soaking his pillowcases in hot water with Oxiclean and Dawn dish detergent to loosen the oils.

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“If not, don’t waste time and energy on it. It sounds like you have already put a lot of effort into trying to clean what you have, In future, use these old sheets as an extra mattress protector and old pillowcases as undercases. Have hubbie shower and wash hair before bed, instead of the morning.

“Wash bed linen more frequently, and use a really hot wash with a laundry booster such as Oxiclean, Borax, washing soda or the like. Use white vinegar in place of fabric softener. If you can dry your bedding outside, the sun might have a bleaching effect on the stained fabric.

“The main thing is do laundry more regularly and on hot.”

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