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Harry Potter fans found themselves in stitches, discovering what they have dubbed the “greatest-ever” translation of the beloved series, of which many were completely unaware.

Highland influencer Trinix D Morrison left fans of the wizarding world bewildered with his reveal of a version of the first instalment in the best-selling series rendered in Scottish dialect.

J.K. Rowling’s original Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone had morphed into Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stane in this translation by Matthew Fitt.

A viral video showcasing the novel, which attracted over 461,000 likes, saw him proclaim: “I may have found the greatest book ever written the other day. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone?”

He quickly corrects himself: “No, no. The Scots edition was translated into Scots by Matthew Fitt. I knew this was magical when I read chapter one.”

Sharing an intimate moment of him turning the book to the start of the first chapter, once known as “the boy who lived”, now rechristened, “the laddie wha lived”. Reactions on TikTok revealed the surprise amid fans who confessed they’d never known about the Scots rendition until now.

One follower confessed: “This is something I never knew I needed.” A second remarked: “I like your funny words, magic man.”

Another observer noted: “THA LADDIEA WHA LIVED is so funny I can’t,” while another inquired: “Why have I never heard of this?”

One fan exclaimed: “I can tell it’s still English but my brain isn’t training.”

Meanwhile, numerous fans clamoured for an audiobook rendition, with calls for Scottish star David Tennant, famed for his role as Bartemius Crouch Junior in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film, to lend his voice.

The special edition book hit shelves in 2017, marking two decades since the debut of the novel that spawned one of the most successful film series ever. Available for purchase at £7.99 from the Piob Mhor of Scotland website, it’s a must-have for Potter enthusiasts.

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