France heads to the polls for the second round of crucial elections – follow live


The French are voting in one of their most crucial legislative elections in recent years, with the latest polls suggesting a hung parliament.


Voting is underway in the second round of France’s critical legislative elections, with turnout at the highest rate since 1981 by midday today.

The stakes are high for Marine le Pen’s National Rally, which could produce France’s first far-right government since World War II. The polls suggest Le Pen’s her protege Jordan Bardella’s party and its allies are unlikely to win an absolute majority, but that they could garner support from centrist and right-wing maverick voters.

With a hung parliament likely, months of gruelling political wrangling may lie ahead.

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Polls close at 6pm in towns and small cities and 8pm in major urban centres. Pollsters will issue initial nationwide projections based on early partial results from polling stations just after they close.

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